New challenge 50m dolphin kick with Swimlap and TYR

New challenge 50m dolphin kick with Swimlap and TYR


Challenge the swimming elite on 50 m dolphin kick and win prizes from TYR




Lars Frölander and Sarah Sjöström, both Olympic Champions and their Champions Crew have chosen this challenge believing that a good kick can really separate you from the rest as a swimmer. Setting kick challenges is a great way to motivate swimmers to work on their kick and see how they stack up against the best.




So, the question is: how good are you at it? Participate in the challenge to find out!




RULES for the challenge:


Check it out, how an expert does it!


-       Only dolphin kick on your back


-       Underwater and/or on the surface is allowed. No limit for kick underwater. Just don’t drown!


-       No strokes above water allowed even while turning


-       Both ands against the wall at finish




How do you do the challenge?


1 – You register a Swimlap account and get elected for a free SWIP by sending an email to


2 – You subscribe to the challenge through the Swimlap App to be run for the first time on September 21st.


3 – You get to the pool and be ready for your swim at 17.00, 18.00 or 19.00 (or all 3). Best time counts!


4 – Get yourself ready with your SWIP in place (on your goggles or in your swim cap), the App will count you down to start from the last 5 min.


5 – The rules are explained in the film, you can swim on the surface or underwater, dolphin kick on your back, no over arm strokes on the turn and the finish is with 2 hands, keeping your head in the water till you have touched the wall.


6 - Raise your head above water after finish.


7 – See your time and wonder if you have won a prize from TYR!     






You have a chance to win backpacks for swimmers from TYR




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